Swarovski have released their European tour dates for BTX Live and Cley Spy is at the top!


Swarovski BTX - Live Tour


We will be hosting the Swarovski team as they publicly unveil the BTX for the very first time at our Cley Marshes shop in the beautiful Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) centre.

The Swarovski BTX Tour 2017 will start with Cley Spy on 30th April 2017, before heading south, over to Europe and finishing-up in Skagen, Denmark’s northernmost town, on 12 May 2017.

The NWT centre at Cley Marshes looks over one of the best areas in the country for birdwatching. The landscape comprises some of the UK's largest uninterrupted reed beds and bracken lagoons, which attract millions upon millions of migrating and nesting birds season to season.

The NWT carpark can hold a large amount of vehicles and the site is easy to reach with access along the main Coast Road. For details of how to get to the Cley Marshes NWT centre click here and go to 'How To Find Us'.


Swarovski's BTX binocular spotting scope system is absolutely one-of-a-kind and is set to completely reform the way we use our optics. Cley Spy's own Tim Strivens was invited to Swarovski Optik's Innovation Centre in Austria along with some of the world's finest optics specialists to test the new BTX before it is released to the public You can read his First Impressions Review here.


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