Hawke Nature Trek 8x42

Part No.: HNT842

  • Fully waterproof, dust-proof and fogproof 

  • Twist-up style eye cups 

  • Lightweight 

  • Supplied with strap, stay-on lens covers and case

  • Full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty


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Hawke Nature Trek 8x42

Hawke Nature Trek 8x42 binoculars offer a crisp, clear and bright image when birdwatching or viewing nature at any distance. The optics produce sharp pictures up to 2m and enable users to take-in the intricacies of nature within close focus, like butterflies or other insects. The ultra-modern top hinge design and fully multi-coated optics ensures sharp images are produced every time.

Smaller binoculars offer a practical way to pursue birdwatching and nature viewing wherever you go. Hawke Nature Treks are lightweight, easily transportable binoculars with quick focusing and an impressive depth-of-field. This makes them among the best birdwatching binoculars on the market as they are quick and easy to use whilst on the move.

Hawke Nature Trek binoculars are nitrogen filled, so are fully waterproof, fogproof and dust-proof. The robust construction of Nature Trek optics means they would be suitable binoculars for beginners, as well as experienced birdwatchers.

You can take these binoculars anywhere as they are supplied with a carry case and neck strap, as well as protective lens covers.

Hawke Nature Trek 8x42


This review is taken from Bestbinocularsreviews.com

"Overall I would say that this newer version does look and feel a little more refined and if I do say so a little more up market and modern than the older one, but perhaps that is just my personal taste coming through?

Each objective lens is positioned approximately 11mm from the end of the barrel, which in my experience is very deep and even deeper than that of the older version. What this means is that this overhang gives more protection to the lenses from scratching, as well as rain and helps to stop dust settling on them. Remember the longer your lenses stay clean, the less often you have to clean them, which will in turn prolong the pristine view you get when they are brand new.

Another advantage of this is that it "hides" the glass from direct sunlight, which I am told means that the overhang of the barrels acts a little like a lens hood used by photographers and thus prevents lens flair.”

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Additional Information

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