Leica Ultravid 8x20 Colourline

Part No.: ULT820COL
With a close focusing limit of only 1.8 metres, the light and compact Leica Ultravid 8 x 20 Colorline is an ideal glass for use in ancient monuments, in museums, open air events, in the theatre or at concerts. With simple and easy handling and comfortable grip characteristics, these timeless and enduring pieces are sure to be a perfect accompaniment wherever closer viewing as well as good overview is needed

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ombining powerful Leica optics with a colourful and classy style, Leica Colorline binoculars are ideal companions for fashionable users. Each piece is handmade, uses only the finest materials and colors and matches virtually any clothing and occasion. With the Leica-trademarked maximised supression of light reflections, binoculars in the Colorline are valuable when viewing under unfavourable lighting conditions – especially when light incidents from the side or sparkling reflections on the water try to diminish your viewing experience. With outstanding viewing brilliance and sharpness, Colorline pieces are simply ideal everywhere where the finest details at variable distances can be perfectly resolved. Still available in Apple Green and Cherry Pink

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Additional Information

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