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PhoneSkope Smartphone Adapters are designed to work with a wide range of phones and telescopes, simply purchase the C1 case part to fit your make and model of phone and then select a dedicated C3 adapter to fit your telescope. To be fully compatable with the widest range of phones and scopes there is also the U1 mini and U2 click lock universal adapter, these are adjustable to fit onto even more telescope eyepieces. Also available is the C2 adapter this simply attaches to your existing phone case with velcro allowing the use of any C3 or the U1 mini and U2 click lock universal adapters. The U1 mini and U2 click lock universal adapters are also the best choice if you require your adapter to work with multiple pieces of optical equipment with different sized eyepieces.

C1 Phone Cases

Select from the list below the case for your phone

If a case is unavailable for your phone select the C2 option, this will work with your existing phone case.

C3 Dedicated Adapter

Select the correct C3 adapter for your telescope eypiece

If your telescope or eyepiece is not listed choose either the U1 mini or U2 click lock universal adapter

See below for sizes and a  list of available adapters, here at Cley Spy we stock the popular scope and phone combinations however we are able to obtain any of the available PhoneSkope adapters. (As not all PhoneSkope products are available from stock please allow up to 7 days for delivery, to check availability please telephone us on 01263 740088 or use the CONTACT US page)


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Product Description


 Phone  Code Number
Apple iPhone 4/4S C1-i4
Apple iPhone 5/5S C1-i5
Apple iPhone 5C C1-i5C
Apple iPhone 6/6S C1-i6
Apple iPhone 6 plus/6S plus C1-i6 plus
Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) C1-S3
Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) C1-S4
Samsung Galaxy Active (i9295 C2KS4A
Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900) C1-S5
Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920) C1-S6
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (i8190) C2KS3 mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (i9190) C2KS4 mini         
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (G800F) C2KS5 mini
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) C2KSN2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900x) C2KSN3
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-910x)          C2KSN4
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-920x) C2KSN5
 HTC 1 (M8)  C2KHOM8
 Nokia Lumia 925  C2KN925
 Nokia Lumia 1020  C2KN1020
 Nokia Lumia 1520  C2KN1520
Telescope Make Size (mm) Code Number
Swarovski ATX & STX Modular Telescopes 59.44mm          C-3-023-A
ATS 20-60x (Pre 2009) 55.63mm C-3-026-A         
ATS 20-60x & 25-50x (After 2009) 55.12mm C-3-033-A
ATS 30x 50.49mm C3-S05
AT80/ST80 Zoom eyepiece 46.99mm C-3-045-A
Leica APO Televid 65 & 82 59.18mm C-3-024-A
Leica APO Televid 77 & 62 Zoom and 32xW          52.58mm C-3-022-A
Zeiss Diascope 65 & 85 (15-56x / 20-75x zoom)          60.12mm C-3-030-A
Zeiss Diascope (older 15-45x & 20-60x zoom) 55.9mm C-3-001-A
Zeiss Diascope (older 30/40x) 48.26mm C-3-004-A
Kowa TSN 773/774 & 883/884 all eyepieces 55.63mm C-3-026-A
Kowa 20-60x zoom - (TE-7Z) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 21x W - (TSE-21WE) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 30xW - (TE-14WE) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 20-60x zoom (TE-9Z) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 21x W (TE-21WD) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 30x W - (TE-14WD) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Kowa 45x W - (TE-9WD) 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Opticron For HDF-T zoom lens 50.0mm C-3-039-A
Opticron For SDL v2 zoom lens 51.5mm C-3-040-A
Hawke Endurance 16-48x / 20-60x zoom eyepiece & Frontier ED           51.5mm C-3-040-A
Nikon MC2 zoom eyepiece 47.24mm C-3-006-B
Nikon MC Wide Fixed Magnification eyepieces 49.28mm C-3-N08
Nikon Prostaff 16-48x / 20-60x zoom eyepiece 55.9mm C-3-001-A
Vortex Razor 85HD & 65HD scopes with zoom 55.63mm C-3-026-A
Vortex Razor 50 HD scope with zoom (fold eyecup down) 46.23mm C-3-027-A
Vortex Viper HD 65mm & 80mm scopes with zoom 48.26mm C-3-004-A
Vortex Diamondback 80mm scope with 20-60x zoom 46.23mm C-3-027-A
Vortex Diamondback 60mm scope with 20-60x zoom 43.18mm C-3-011-A
 Universal Fit    
 U1-mini Click lock Universal Adapter  30.48mm - 45.72mm      U1
 U2 Click Lock Universal Adapter  43.20mm - 58.42mm  U2

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Additional Information

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