Binoculars for Beginners

If you are new to birding and looking for a binocular to get you started we have compiled a small selection of our most popular models for beginners. Without getting too technical an ideal starter binocular should have a magnification of 8x which will give the user a bright image and be easier to hold steady. The binocular should also have an objective lens (big lens at the end, the one you don’t look through) of either 32mm or 42mm, the bigger this lens the brighter your image will be but the larger lens will increase the weight of the binocular, therefore we would recommend that anyone new to binoculars would do best to stick with either an 8×32 or 8×42. All the binoculars in this section have eyecups that are suitable for use with or without spectacles and come supplied with all the necessary accessories and are covered by a good warranty.

If you find that your binocular is too heavy then you might just need a better strap than the one that is supplied with the binocular, the Optech EZ Comfort Strap is a quality strap made from neoprene and gives the effect of making the binocular feel lighter.

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