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Bresser Pirsch ED binoculars are equipped with the latest phase coating and allow the image to be fuller contrast and high-resolution, when compared to conventional non-ED binoculars. Colour fringes, caused by chromatic abberation are prevented by the special high-performance ED glass. This is reinforced by the high-quality full multi coating on every glass surface. The combination of the built-in Barium-Kron glass material and the Dielectric coating on the prisms makes the picture even brighter and clearer. These binocualrs give produce exception views, even at twilight. TwistUp eyecups means even spectacle wearers can also enjoy the full field of view with these binoculars. They are adjustable in 2 steps and also help cut out stray light from the side for all users. The rubber armouring, which covers these binoculars, provides a sure, non-slip grip whilst handling. All Pirsch ED models are equipped with a wide, very comfortable cushioned carrying strap. To complete the package, these models are all purged with high-quality ARGON gas, which protects the binoculars even from fogging and water ingress.


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