Camouflage EZ-LiveFeed 1 Feeder Camera


Discover the captivating world of birds with the innovative Camouflage EZ Livefeed 1, featuring an advanced AI camera. This cutting-edge technology lets you discover and identify over 11,000 bird species globally, capture HD media, and stay connected with live notifications via the free app.

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With its advanced AI technology, the EZ-LiveFeed 1 can detect over 11,000 different bird species globally. Gain instant access to valuable information about each bird observed, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bird enthusiast. It’s a perfect educational tool for all ages, providing engaging insights into the avian world.

  • AI Bird Detection: Identifies over 11,000 different bird species with remarkable accuracy, providing instant insights into the birds visiting your feeder.
  • Educational Experience: Learn about birds in real-time with valuable information displayed right on your device. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned birdwatchers.
  • High-Quality Imaging: Capture stunning Full-HD photos and videos of your feathered visitors, preserving those magical moments in crystal-clear detail.
  • Sustainable Operation: Equipped with built-in solar panels, the feeder operates efficiently using renewable energy, reducing environmental impact.
  • Global Connectivity: Stay connected with your garden’s wildlife from anywhere in the World via the free companion app. Receive live notifications and enjoy live streaming of bird activity.

The Camouflage EZ-LiveFeed 1 is equipped with built-in solar panels, ensuring sustainable operation by harnessing the power of the sun. This eco-friendly feature minimizes reliance on external power sources, promoting environmental consciousness while keeping the feeder house functional at all times. The bird feeder stays connected to nature from anywhere in the world with the free companion app. Enjoy live viewing of bird activity in your garden or outdoor space, and receive live notifications on the ‘Birdlovers’ app. Whether you’re at home or away, immerse yourself in the live beauty of nature with ease.


  • Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 19 x 21 x 31
  • Field of View (Angle): H 94, V 40
  • Power Source: Solar panel
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Operating temperature °C (minimum): -20
  • Operating temperature °C (maximum): 48
  • App control: Yes

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