Forester PPC 8×42


  • Fully waterproof, fogproof and dust-proof Free Delivery
  • Magnesium alloy body 
  • Twist-up style eye cups 
  • Rugged body 
  • Lightweight 
  • Supplied with hard shell case, objective lens covers, rain guards and neck strap

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Free DeliveryForester PPC 8×42

The Forester PPC 8×42 offers superior optics for an affordable price. The lenses are constructed from Bak-4 glass and are double phase coated to give clear and precise images. With excellent levels of light transmission even in low light conditions, the Forester PPC series would be useful in dense tree cover or when birdwatching at dusk. The well-designed roof prism arrangement means these compact binoculars are comfortable to hold and convenient to carry.

Most binocular buying guides will recommended 8×42 magnification optics for birdwatching or for use on safari. But the Forester PPC 8×42 model is also excellent as night binoculars, such as for astronomy or viewing nature at dusk. The wide aperture and low magnification ensures a particularly bright image and means you can pick out clear detail, even in darker conditions.

Constructed with lightweight materials and designed with rugged use in mind, the Forester PPC 8×42 binoculars would be great for everyday use. Keep them near-by and pull them out whenever you head out for a walk.

Forester PPC 8x42

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