Helios Mistral WP6 8×42 ED


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Helios Mistral WP6 8×42 ED

Helios is a classic British sports optics brand that has been constructing superior quality binoculars for more than 50 years. Solidly created and expertly constructed, the Helios Mistral WP6 collection is a fine example of low-cost, high-performance optics. The price tag may be on the lower end of the spectrum, but the quality of the optical mechanisms is of a high class. The Helios Mistral WP6 8×42 ED is geared towards birdwatching and general use, but you could use them as astronomy binoculars or travel binoculars– whatever you like!

The Helios Mistral range is constructed with Bak-4 roof prisms and all glass-to-air surfaces have been fully multi-coated to reduce reflection from the lenses. The 8×42 ED model is also fitted with Extra-low Dispersion glass to eliminate colour fringing in particularly bright conditions.

Adding this pair of lightweight binoculars to your optical collection will improve your birdwatching experience greatly, bringing you closer to nature time after time.

Helios Mistral WP6 8x42 ED

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