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A professional range of binoculars with objective diameters varying from 32mm to 42mm. The Falco features high quality glass components treated with KITE OPTICS MHR coating, resulting in light transmission values up to 90%. Color reproduction is perfectly natural and the image is characterized by a high level of contrast and focus depth. The aluminum machined chassis allows the Falco to be extremely light and robust at the same time.

The Falco responds to the new trend for high performing and pocket sized 30-32mm class binoculars. Just as the top-end LYNX HD+ 30, the FALCO 32 has a slim design, a short hinge, and weighs less than 500g. A perfect companion for all sorts of outdoor activities. The 42mm Falco is designed in the same way, and therefor in its 42mm class still a very compact and light instrument. Comfort is optimized with strategically placed thumb indents on all models.

Like all professional KITE OPTICS instruments, the Falco is built to live up to its 30 year warranty. High precision machining of the metal components ensures natural and fast reaction from the focus wheel. The instrument is fully waterproof, and gas filled to prevent internal fogging.

  • Wide field of view
  • Light transmission 90%
  • 1,7 meter close focus
  • 4 stage aluminium eyecups
  • KITE MHR coating
  • Ergonomic light-weight design
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • Includes lens covers, straps and pouch

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