TSN-773 Angled Spotting Scope Kit


  • Kowa TSN-773 Body
  • TE-11WZ 25-60x Zoom Eyepiece
  • Kowa Stay on Case

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The TSN-770 series spotting scope is an all out performer. A large bright 77mm objective lens made from the finest grade of ED glass, manufactured in our factory in Japan – Kowa XD lenses are fluorite rich and deliver outstanding optical clarity. A truly compact and lightweight scope body made from tough magnesium alloy, whilst still packing the optical power of a large and bright 77mm objective lens. A quick and easy accessory collar makes digiscoping with a digital camera or smartphone a dream and compatible with our Kowa System accessory range makes this scope truly versatile.

The TSN-770 spotting scope benefits from over 60 years of optical design and engineering. The exquisite focus system has been refined to new levels of sensitivity providing a quick and fine dual focus system – easily operated by the touch of a finger, The quick focus, with a large and easy to turn knob, will focus from infinity to five meters in two revolutions. The fine focus, with smooth movements and pinpoint accuracy, is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping systems where pin point control of focus is required. Operation out in the field is sublime.

As with many spotting scope brands, the TSN-770 series spotting scopes feature ED (Extra low dispersion) glass to improve optical performance, but the story does not end there. ED glass is manufactured in a variety of quality grades. Every TSN-770 model features Kowa’s environmentally friendly, legendary XD objective lenses. This high resolution ED glass contains large amounts of the mineral fluorite crystal – the best material available today for light transmission ensuring an image with edge to edge sharpness and virtually zero chromatic aberration (colour blur). The result is a simply stunning view of the natural world.

  • Eyepiece bayonet mount and accessory collar
  • Dual focus (Quick / fine)
  • Adjustable tripod mount
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Twist sun shade
  • 77m XD objective lens

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