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The Monovid features nitrogen filling to prevent internal fogging and water and dirt repellent AquaDura® coating on all exposed lens surfaces. Furthermore, in contrast to other monoculars, it is not only water-resistant, but fully waterproof to a depth of 5 m (16.5 ft). It is extremely handy and versatile and is the featherweight of its class at only 112 g / 3.95 oz. It slips comfortably into any jacket pocket and is a constantly ready and able companion. Particularly practical: when not in use, its close-up lens can be stored safely in the leather case provided. The best place to keep it safe and sound; screwed tight, so it can’t be lost. Yet another advantage is the silent magnetic clasp of its refined and elegant tubular case.

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1 review for Leica Monovid 8×20 Black

  1. Peter Lewis

    I purchased this magnificent little 4 ounce optical instrument a while ago, and have never looked back.

    You can read all the reviews, choke on the incredibly high asking price, but as for optical quality, image and manufacturing quality, no other manufacturer comes close.

    Unlike virtually every other monocular on the market, even those manufactured by Zeiss, the Leica Monovid is manufactured to incredibly high standards, even for Leica.

    The only bit of plastic that is allowed anywhere near this incredible eyepiece, is the cheap and cheerful eyepiece protector.

    The leather carrying case, and included macro screw on lens, scream quality,.

    You know where where this review is going to end, pick up the courage, and splash the cash, on what is without doubt the highest quality monocular money can buy.

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