Leica Ultravid 8×20 BR

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Brighter, sharper, more compact and more rugged than many other binoculars in this lens-diameter class. These compacts are identical to the larger Ultravids in their high levels of optical and mechanical performance. This is a consequence of specially designed eyepieces that guarantee a wide and sharp view without colour fringing from edge to edge of the image. Almost all elements of the full-size Ultravids have been miniaturised to a degree that permits their integration in the bodies of these compact glasses.

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1 review for Leica Ultravid 8×20 BR

  1. David Tallentire (verified owner)

    I recently wanted to have a pocket sized binocular, which would enable me to have some binoculars with me when and wherever I was. I have always been really impressed with Leica binoculars, so I began looking at pocket sized binoculars, and the Ultravid 8×20 kept getting mentioned and highly praised online and on the many forums time and time again. I wasn’t looking at getting a new pair of binoculars to replace and old pair, I wanted to have a choice, so that I could take with me the pair that would be most suitable for me on that given day.

    I also own another pair of Leica binoculars (which are the 10-15×50 Duovid which I got back in 2003). I absolutely love these as for me it’s essentially like having two pairs of binoculars in one and the optics are outstanding. Downsides are, they are on the heavy side and the large side, and ideally I only take these when I am taking my backpack and I know I will be out for a while on that given day.

    After advice read online and the many forums, I decided upon the Leica Ultravid 8×20 BR. Since getting them I have been immensely impressed with them. My partner was also very impressed after using my pair, that she decided to get herself a pair too.

    For me the pocket sized binoculars that I would be purchasing would need to be:

    1: Clarity wise, colour wise and general image quality wise, would need to match that of my larger Duovid (which from my comparison do indeed match). Everytime I use the Ultravid I never cease to be amazed at the quality of these little beauties.

    2: Be totally pocket sized for either a jacket pocket, shorts pocket (for the warmer months). And just to add, I was able to make them even more pocket size friendly by using a sunglasses/spectacle micro fibre drawstring pouch, that you often get with sunglasses etc.

    The vast amount of the time I use my Ultravids, are during daylight hours, but on some occasions I have been out and about when the light starts to fade. After reading about small objective lenses (20-25 mm) been better suited for daylight hours, I was expecting the image quality and brightness to suffer, but in all honesty, the brightness of the thing I was looking at with my own eyes, was just the same brightness level when I viewed it through the Ultravids. I really was pleasantly surprised yet again at these little beauties.

    Also mentioned and highly praised on the forums, was Cleyspy customer service and knowledge level. I contacted them via telephone, prior to purchasing the Ultravid to ask a question. The help I got was clear and very helpful. Also worth mentioning was the excellent price Cleyspy were selling the Leica Ultravid for. They were some £200 cheaper than Leica’s website price, and on the whole between £75 to £100 cheaper than most other places online. I know when I’m next in the market for some new binoculars, Cleyspy will be the place I purchase them from!

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