Manfrotto 190 GO Aluminium Tripod with 128 Head


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Manfrotto 190 GO Aluminium Tripod with 128 Head

The new 190 go! is the lightest and most compact 190 in the Aluminum range. The new 190 go! closed size is 45 cm ( 17,7 in) and weighs 1,7 kg (3,74 lbs). That’s 4 cm more compact and also 20% lighter than the MT190XPRO4

The new twist locks allow the easy opening and closure of all sections at once with a single hand, making it ultra-fast to operate the tripod. Twist locks occupy less space compared to a lever, making the tripod light and compact. 

The 90°column mechanism is hidden inside the tripod’s top casting until it’s needed; the mechanism can then be raised with a single finger, allowing the centre column to swing to the horizontal position. Together, the 90°column and the 4 leg angles enable you to get low down to the ground like no other tripod. 

Taking its lead from our professional equipment lines, an Easy Link attachment in the top casting turns the tripod into a mobile studio and allows it to hold a LED light, reflector or other accessory. 

Folded length without head attached 46.5cm

Height extended 123cm

Height extended with centre column raised 147cm

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Weight1676 g



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