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Mulepack Replcement Leg Clips

Unfortunately we no longer have stock of replacement leg clips for Mulepacks older than 2 years

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Exclusive to Cley Spy, the Mulepack is designed to carry a telescope and tripod set up comfortably leaving your hands free to use binoculars. Features Include padded shoulder straps to prevent wear on outdoor clothing, chest strap for extra stability, D rings on straps for adding extra load, Internal zipped compartment for less bulky items (like a notebook), detachable bag that can be attached to supplied carry strap and used as a separate shoulder bag and secure fastenings to attach the Mulepak to your tripod. 1 year no quibble warranty

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Cley Spy Mulepack

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  1. Victor Pace

    I bought a Mulepack after both zips on another scope-carrier broke within the same week within a few months of buying it. Mule-pack has been great. It is robust. The zips are good and strong. So is the material. It is very comfortable, and my scope feels lighter because it carries it in such a well-balanced way. There is enough room for my sandwich box, notebook, teleconvertor and large camera rain cover and many smaller items. I have used the detachable bag separately on a number of occasions and it works well.
    I have now had my Mule-pack for over six months and use it most weekends and on other days too. It has displaced my usual rucksack-and-carry-the tripod combo because it works so well, though it is slightly less roomy. I love it.
    It would be great if it had another place for a drinks bottle – one is not enough in the heat of summer. I thought having a chest strap but no abdominal strap would make it a problem when I first tried it, but it has turned out to be perfectly comfortable and snug as it is. One always wants more space, but more space is more weight, and on reflection I am not sure I really need more.
    In brief, don’t waste money buying inferior poorly designed products. This one is excellent, and not expensive – even less so because it lasts. .

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