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The Binocular Harness is a perfect solution for those seeking a simple, light-weight harness to hold and support binoculars. It easily self-adjusts to comfortably balance gear while in use or in idle position resting against the body. The unique loop attachment system enables the harness to quickly snap in place using our Uni-Loop Quick Disconnects (included with harness).

The QD connectors can then be used on many other OP//TECH strap configurations. Harness does not compete for space with backpack straps and can be comfortably worn over or under a jacket. Offered in either a webbing or elastic version – the webbing version is non-stretch. While the elastic version allows binoculars to be held tighter against the body in the idle position. It then stretches so the binoculars can be comfortably brought up to the eyes for use.


  • Fits most binoculars
  • Available in both webbing and elastic versions
  • Self-adjusting design stabilises gear against body
  • Enables gear to glide up or down strap during use
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • One size fits most

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