Swarovski BTX Binocular Module


The new Swarovski BTX module is an innovative system made of two eyepieces. It is designed to work with the existing ATX modular telescope to combine the benefits of a binocular with the benefits of a telescope.  The BTX is compatible with the 65mm, 85mm and 95mm objective modules, as well as the ME 1.7x extender eyepiece. It is truly revolutionary and will totally reform the way we use optics.

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The Swarovski BTX binocular eyepiece module is the latest innovation to join Swarovski’s modular spotting scope system. Offering unparalleled comfort during prolonged scope viewing, the BTX is perfect for coastal and marshland habitats or for migration hot spots.

The BTX module offers an excellent wide and sharp field of view with a magnification of 30x when used with the 65mm and 85mm objective modules, and 35x with the 95mm module. The twin eyepieces allow you to utilise the resolution of both of your eyes, delivering a wide, bright image with the same apparent detail of a convention single eyepiece scope with 60x magnification. The effect is truly astounding and needs to be seen to be believed!

Click here to read our ‘first impressions review’ of the BTX.

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