Swarovski EL 12×50 WB Field Pro Binocular


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Swarovski El 12×50 WB Field Pro

The Swarovski EL 12×50 Field Pro is marvel of high magnification performance. Through clever design and using cutting edge optical technology, this binocular delivers power and light gathering without the usual compromised field of view, eye relief and close focusing that 50mm binoculars suffer from. While these are not light weight at 999g, they are reasonable for a 12×50 and the excellent ergonomics make handling easy and comfortable.

Swarovski have packed every bit of cutting edge lens technology into a light but robust magnesium chassis; fluoride containing HD glass, field flattener lenses, and high tech multi-layer coatings throughout. Class-leading specifications for field of view (5.7 degrees), eye relief (19mm) and close focus (2.8m) are further assurance that this is the best money can buy.  The EL 12×50 Field Pro is backed up by Swarovski’s and Cley Spy’s superb and efficient after sales care, making sure that throughout the 10 year warranty period (and beyond) you will not be let down. This is a binocular you can buy with total confidence that it will deliver the best image possible, whatever the weather.

The FieldPro package includes field bag pro, eyepiece cover, objective lens covers and lift carry strap pro.

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