Swarovski TLS APO Camera Adapter 30mm (For ATS/STS)


**Requires T Mount Sold Separately**

**Requires either Swarovski 20-60x or 25-50x zoom eyepiece**

**Please note that delivery on these items may take 5-7 days**

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Swarovski TLS APO Camera Adapter 30mm (For ATS/STS)

The Swarovski TLS APO 30mm is specially designed to convert your Swarovski spotting scope into a high power telephoto lens for DSLR cameras with APS-C/DX format sensors. The TLS APO adapter fits to your camera body (via appropriate T-mount) just like a conventional lens, and is easy to rapidly mount and unmount on the scope for rapid changes between viewing and photography. This is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest to use DSLR digiscoping adapters available.

Compatible with Swarovski ATS/STS spotting scopes.

**Requires T2 Mount (sold separately)**

**Please note that this adapter requires either the 20-60x or 25-50x zoom eyepiece, will not work with the older fixed magnification eyepieces**

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